Howie Carr at his worst messing up repeatedly on the purpose of the Massachusetts marijuana reform civil fine decrim initiative that the voters can vote for in November. He also spouts bad info repeatedly about CORI and arrests with CWAF dispositions. They are indeed reported and shown to employers for 10 years minimum. For most it is a lifetime record.

Listen as Howie spreads bad info about CORI and continued without a finding for a marijuana arrest.

Howie’s good with grammar but a bad lawyer! He should be teaching English instead of spreading false info on the radio.

(*Contains some language that may not be suitable for work place listening.)…

Does a case that was Continued Without a Finding (CWOF) show up on your criminal record (CORI)? (2/10/02) “Once a person has been arraigned, they have a record and that record will never disappear without a court order relative to same. It is not often that an offense is completely removed from a person’s criminal record. In limited circumstances, a court order will accomplish that result. Contact your attorney or the Board of Probation with regard to same. You may also contact the Sealed Records Division of the Office of the Commissioner of Probation to find out about the sealing of records. Be forewarned that if the record is sealed, your record will read, “there is at least one sealed record on file.” [see link at lf] Criminal History Systems Board 200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200, Chelsea, MA 02150 Phone: 617.660.4600 TTY: 617.660.4606 Fax: 617.660.4613


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