Speakers and Presenters at MassCann Sponsored Events

MassCann routinely invites outside parties (individuals who represent other organizations or causes) to speak or participate as a panelist at MassCann events. We ask* speakers and panelists to abide by the following rules of etiquette.

Promoting your participation in the event

We encourage you to promote your participation and role at the MassCann event across mainstream[i] social media platforms and in direct mail or email campaigns. However, we request you explicitly and prominently note that the event is a MassCann event.

Simply as examples:
[YOUR ORG NAME] will be presenting at MassCann’s Education Village at the Massachusetts Statehouse on [DATE and TIME]

Come join me at The Boston Freedom Rally on September __, 2023, where I will be a panelist on the subject of [SUBJECT] at the MassCann Education Village

If you would like to include MassCann’s logo in your outreach, please send a copy of your proposed outreach message to bfr2023@MassCann.org for advance review and approval. Do not accept a verbal approval – approvals should be via email.

* while we apply the term “ask” for etiquette purposes, we really mean require – as in if you break these rules we reserve the right to remove you as an event participant

[i] Mainstream means social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, LeafWire, etc. We request you not promote your participation on platforms that are politically controversial such as supremacy sites, sites with anti-racial, anti-LGBTQ, or sexually exploitive natures. MassCann is an inclusive organization.