Social Justice: Repair The Community

Paradigm Shift from Escalating Punishment to Least Harm

When the law is more harmful than the offense, then our priorities need to be examined. And when the law keeps doubling down on harsh punishment for growing and using a medicinal herb used for centuries all over the world quite safely, then we have to change from harsh to helpful, stop the War On Drugs, and repeal the prohibition on cannabis.

 Cannabis Reconsidered; Paradigm Shift from Escalating Punishment to Least Harm

Repair The Person

Release all Cannabis Prisoners from jail, expunge their criminal records, remove bans on their employment opportunities, give reparations, such as first dibs on jobs in the new industry.

Repair The Community

Restorative Justice

About Restorative Justice

Testimony In Support of MA Senate Bill 52

War On Marijuana in Black and White. by ACLU

Repair The Trustworthiness of Government

Government shall not disseminate disinformation nor lie to the voting public.