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photo by Bil Lewis of Linda Noel, Brittny Mammano, Dan Bordon, Michelle Kelley, Kathryn Rifkin

Testify! (We testified!)

The Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy

Hearing 3

State House, Boston, April 3, 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned out and testified! Those for cannabis were well prepared with science, while the opponents were still spouting fear mongering reefer-madness disinformation. The Joint (heh) Committee was rather sympathetic and has expressed interest in visiting home grows. Please find testimony here;

H3195 – Providing Employee Protections, by Bill Flynn

H3195 – A Superior Regulatory System, by Linda Noel

Home Grows Are Not Guaranteed Pounds of Flowers, by Bill Downing

H3195 – Providing Banking Regulations For a Secure Industry, by Michelle Kelley

H3195 – Providing Protection For Children, by Brittny Mammano

H3195 – Retroactive Application of the Law in Criminal Cases and Records, by Kathryn Rifkin

(Also submitted these docs for necessary background – Quotes by Harry Anslinger and Richard Nixon, ACLU Map of Redlined Arrests for Marijuana 2014History of Exclusionary Rule, jpegs of the Cannabis entry in the US Pharmacopoeia, pages of safety studies done since the India Commission.)

See also; To Farmers, Cannabis Could Mean Much Bigger Bucks Than Tomatoes, Boston Globe, April 4, 2017


Lobby Day

Massachusetts State House, Beacon Street, Boston

March 22, 2017

Materials in the MassCann information packet

“In November 2016, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question to legalize regulate and tax marijuana for adults. Politicians on Beacon Hill are now trying to dismantle the new law. This is unacceptable. We need your help to defend Question 4.”

Defend Question 4

“Tell your state representative and state senator that you oppose any of the following: delaying edibles by two years, decreasing possession limits, or raising the age limit to 25. Tell your legislators that these changes to Question 4 would undermine our ability to tax and regulate marijuana and would allow the underground market to persist.”

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