Peace and Love – The Spirituality of Cannabis

 Kaneh Bosm: Cannabis in the Old Testament, by Chris Bennett   THE RETURN OF THE GODDESS Our separation from the ancient Goddess and the denial of her ecstasies could well be seen as the root cause of humanity’s separation from nature, both our own and that of the world around us. Perhaps the Goddess’ ancient spirit won’t fully be restored until her children begin to respect and heal her abused body the Earth, return to her sacred groves in dance and worship, and are free to once again burn the holy incense of kaneh-bosm in her honor and praise.    It would seem that the spirit of Ashera’s ancient incense burners has returned, in the form of the modern-day smoke-in. Once again people of all ages, races, and creeds are gathering together illegally, to celebrate the many benefits and uses of the sacred tree, and to burn holy incense in protest, as did the defiant crowd before Jeremiah so long ago.

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How Moses and the Israelites Used Cannabis, by Edward Dodge,, November 15, 2016