As of now, we have identified 169 towns whose town meeting warrant(s) are/were not infected with the madness and 16 towns who took no action, indefinitely postponed or defeated the proposed by-law.
This brings to 185 the number of towns known to be uninfected or cured.

We identify them by reviewing: websites for town meeting warrants for annual and special town meetings; online newspaper stories about town meetings that either do not report the topic was on the warrant or report it was not approved; and, finally, whether the town has submitted bylaws for review to the AG and a marijuana bylaw is not included.

A number of towns remain weeks away from meeting so their warrants are not yet posted.

Also, not every town in the commonwealth has a website, and not every town maintains their site well.

NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE MUNICIPALITIES WITH CITY FORMS OF GOVERNMENT, e.g., Gloucester and Worcester who rejected proposals.

If you know of others or have newer information contact


Buckland Town Meeting on Wednesday, June 17 REJECTED 🙂

Ipswich (Open) ATM, on June 1 rejected the madness on a voice vote 🙂

Saugus (Representative) ATM on May 18 referred article to the next special meeting

Stockbridge (Open) (ATM) on May 19 withdraw by Police Chief 🙂

Brookfield: (Open) ATM, on May 8 NO MOTION 🙂 (page 16)

Carlisle (Open) ATM, Monday, May 4 TABLED :-)!

Rockland (Open) ATM, Monday, May 4, REJECTED 🙂!

Lancaster (Open), ATM, Monday, May 4, REJECTED 114 – 3! 🙂

Brewster (Open), Tuesday, May 5, REJECTED!

Great Barrington (Open), Monday, May 4 REJECTED!

Wellesley Town Meeting 4/7 NO MOTION!

Hingham Town Meeting 4/28 NO MOTION!

Truro Town Meeting 4/28 Indefinitiely Postposed!

Concord Town Meeting 4/27 – 4/29 NO MOTION!

Canton Town Meeting 4/28-29 Indefinitely Postponed!

Provincetown Town Meeting 4/6 Motion failed to carry!