The Emperor Wears No Clothes

This is the book that started the hemp revolution. More than 600,000 copies have been sold to date. The print version of The Emperor Wears No Clothes is available from the Hemporium (all of the proceeds go to support Jack’s fantastic work). Jack wants this information to be available to everyone, so he’s published the text of the book here on the internet for free . This is only half of what is actually in the book. If you would like to have all of the source material and graphics, please buy a copy of the book.

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Review By strdogmoon: Seattle, WA, USA

This book’s strength is its easy readability, a fact that should be stressed. Too often books dealing with the subject of drugs are either too dry and scientific or to New Age and flower child. While this book does focus on the positive aspects of marijuana usage (sometimes to border on “hippyish”) I feel it does so in a way that does not alienate those who might be nervous about reading drug-positive literature.

First, let’s use the words cannabis or hemp instead of marijuana – as the author suggests – and second, let’s get this book out to everyone over the age of 15 or 16. Parents, before you talk with your kids about “marijuana”, read this book! Why? This book is not about “sparking a bowl” and getting high: This book uses facts and common sense to explain the history of cannabis and its uses (which are far more than medicinal), what cannabis has done and can do for humanity, and the governmental/commercial conspiracy against cannabis (and its advocates) in the US. The recreational use of hemp is but one facet of this informative book.

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes” changed my life. The lies and propaganda we Americans have been fed about cannabis (particularly in recent generations) is not only astounding but sickening, and Jack Herer necessarily shines a bright light into the dark recesses of our nation’s cannabis hypocrisy.

Jack Herer posted a digital free version of this book you can read now!