Georgetown, MA – Yesterday’s print edition of The Economist reports:

A huge majority of Americans, more than two to one once don’t knows have been excluded, support
the legalisation and taxation of marijuana. Even without excluding the don’t knows, a clear
majority favours treating the drug equivalently to tobacco and alcohol.

Happy Toking,” The Economist, February 10, 2011.  The YouGov results are here(PDF).
The fifty-eight percent support in the poll, after excluding the don’t knows, is consistent with the results of Massachusetts marijuana activist’s two polls of actual voters conducted November 2, 2010.
In the first of the polls, just under fifty-six percent of the 133,924 voters who expressed an opinion supported “legislation that would allow the state to regulate the taxation, cultivation, and sale of marijuana to adults.”  In the second of those polls, over sixty-six percent of the 67,322 voters who expressed an opinion supported “legislation that would allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana in the same manner as alcohol.” The November 2, 2010 results are here (PDF)at pages 66 and 68.
As Jacob Sullum, syndicated columnist and blogger, observed in a post last evening,

Meanwhile, President Obama, a former pot smoker who has declared the war on drugs “an utter
failure” and used to support decriminalizing marijuana, continues to literally laugh at people
who question the  wisdom of prohibition. Look at how he responds at the beginning of this video
when told that drug policy issues topped the list of concerns in the recent YouTube
question competition. Those silly potheads!

As always, Mass Cann wishes all members of the media success in their pursuit of happiness today and every day.

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