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Dr. Jill Stein to speak at 21st Annual Freedom Rally

Georgetown, MA – Dr. Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor will speak from the main stage tomorrow at about 3:00 P.M. at the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition’s Twenty-first Annual Freedom Rally on the Boston Common.  All four candidates for Governor were invited, but only Dr. Stein agreed to appear.

The Freedom Rally begins at high noon on the Boston Common.  This year’s theme, “Cannabis is Medicine” highlights Mass Cann’s ongoing efforts to obtain passage by a reluctant legislature of legislation that would allow patients with their doctor’s written recommendation, or such patient’s registered caregiver, to possess and grow marijuana for the patient’s medical use.  Working toward that goal, members of the Coalition have placed Public Policy Questions on 9 House District ballots (5.625% of the state).  Legalization questions will appear on the ballot in one Senate and 8 House Districts (7.5% of the state).

Mass Cann’s Freedom Rally is one of the oldest and best attended public assemblies protesting “pot prohibition” in the country.

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Members of the media should go to the back of the main stage on Carty Parade Ground and ask for Michael “Mike Cann” Crawford, the current President of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition.

For more information on the issues, we suggest these web pages:

Regulation and Taxation hearing wrap up

Video from the Committee on Public Health hearing on H 2160 (Medical) held May 19, 2009.







As was the case when racial segregation was the law, it is time for America’s legal system to correct itself. Unfortunately, reform voices are muted.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, referring to the Drug War

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