The contention of the city that the Freedom Rally could not go on safely without sufficient supervision by the police was put to the test when the Rally, with untold thousands in attendance, resulted in a cut finger and a sprained ankle. Both were attended to by First Aid, while the police busied themselves with trying to induce rallygoers to sell them a little pot so they could charge them with selling dope near a school (that is skulking near the playground where the innocent children of Suffolk and Emerson are at play).
Even that effort brought relatively little fruit: informal reports indicated that there were two arrests for distribution and some citations for public urination, apparently none for public masturbation.

A Green Team flew in from Colorado and helped us with picking up the trash.
Sunday was definitely lighter than Saturday, and many rallygoers on Saturday were unaware of the two-day rally schedule. Another two-day rally is planned for next year, with better advance publicity.