Our 100+ year persecution of things cannabis and cannabis using people is finally over, for the most part.
I got a call this morning from a young gal whose three children were taken from her by DCF when both she and her newborn tested for THC. Unimaginable heartache.
It’s not over.
We still have POWs to support and to free. Parents and workers are still penalized for using. Cannabis convictions still impede gun ownership.The remaining restrictions will be enforced in a bigoted manner. Small business owners, minority, women and newbie entrepreneurs still need equal access to the cannabis market
The worst of prohibition is behind us and the cost has been terrible.
So many lives have been damaged in so many ways, particularly those members of minority communities.
After the soaring happiness of last night’s victory, the futility, the needless destruction, the untold suffering brought by a public misinformed about cannabis for many scores of years should steel our resolve to press forward. Already the Globe is calling on legislators to restrict our new law. 53% is a win, but it is not a mandate.
The war, for most practical purposes, is over. Let’s work to enforce the peace and restore justice for all cannabis users.
by Bill Downing