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Letter: Congratulation to Seaboyer for ‘doing the right thing’
Melrose Free Press – Jan 29

LETTER: Give Decriminalization a chance to work
MetroWest Daily News- Jan 28
Daily News Tribune – Jan 28
Milford Daily News- Jan 28

OpEd: The perils of putting morality ahead of medicine
Suffolk Journal – Jan. 28

People have spoken on pot; lets make sure our officials listen
Patriot Ledger – Jan. 28

LETTER: Pot law’s working
Boston Herald – Jan. 27

EDITORIAL: Pot law needs attention
Boston Herald – Jan. 26

EDITORIAL: Weed whackers, No need for local marijuana laws
Worcester Telegram & Gazette – Jan. 26

LETTER: Penalties for public marijuana smoking are wrong
Patriot Ledger – Jan. 26

Hot Topic: Should local communities enact their own,
tougher marijuana use laws?

Eagle-Tribune – Jan. 25

Letter: Police need to heed voters’ decision
Daily News of Newburyport – Jan. 23

Editor’s notes: Tax the tokers
Wareham Courier Jan. 22

Letter: Fines hit poor hardest
Eagle-Tribune – Jan. 20

Letter: Don’t let ‘two-bit tyrants’ subvert democracy
Patriot Ledger – Jan. 17

Editorial: Pay the price to possess pot
Melrose Free Press – Jan. 16

Editorial: Boosting pot penalty seems unnecessary
Eagle-Tribune, Jan. 14

Letter: The people have spoken on marijuana law
Newburyport Daily News – Jan. 14

Letter: No need to increase fines

Letter: Gateway theory discredited
Newburyport Daily News – Jan 13

Letter: Legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts
Metrowest Daily News – Jan. 12
Letter: Legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts
Daily News Tribune – Jan. 12
Letter: Legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts
Milford Daily News – Jan. 12

Letter: No need for corrective legislation
Boston Globe – Jan, 11

Law is a gateway – to protecting kids
Boston Globe – Jan, 11

Officers can figure out how to enforce this
Boston Globe – Jan, 11

Letter: Question 2 foes still cling to biases
Berkshire Eagle – Jan. 9

Column: Smoking herb not necessarily a road to ruin
Worcester Telegram – Jan. 7

Op-ed: Common sense goes up in smoke

Boston Herald- Jan. 6

Editorial: Potholes in the law

Berkshire Eagle – Jan. 6

Editorial: Give new pot law a chance to work

Sun Chronicle- Jan. 4

Column: Smoky subject

Boston Globe – Jan. 4

Editorial: An inconvenient Question
Boston Globe, Jan. 2

Editorial: Don’t complicate pot law, 1-2-09
Fall River Herald News – Jan. 2

Editorial: A simple law goes one toke over the line
The Patriot Ledger – Jan. 2

LETTER: Change the tone on marijuana
Standard-Times- Jan. 2

LETTER: The people sometimes vote and lose
Standard-Times- Jan. 2

Editorial: New marijuana law shouldn’t pose problems
Eagle-Tribune – Jan. 2

Column: Happy 2009! It’s positively decriminalized
Worcester Telegram – Jan. 2

Editorial: Making a simple law too complicated
Medford Transcript – Jan. 1

Editorial: Police should simply enforce new pot law as written
Gloucester Daily Times – Jan. 1

Cape tip chief says issues impact new pot law
Wicked Local Chatham – Jan. 1

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