A public protest by and for medical-marijuana patients was carried out on August 1st at the offices of the Department of Public Health, protesting the DPH’s regulations concerning medical marijuana, specifically the requirement that any patient who cannot grow his or her own dope may find a “caregiver” to grow it, but each caregiver can grow for only one patient, so each patient must find a separate person. This unworkable requirement was designed out of fear of “diversion,” but it has cut many patients off from any possible access to the cannabis they need–after they’ve typically paid $200 for the examination necessary for them to be certified as medical-marijuana patients.

For two hours sign-carrying patients and activists filled the sidewalk in front of the DPH’s Washington Street headquarters The protest was organized by Boston activist Mike Cann and joined by MassCann treasurer Bill Downing. The protest drew some media attention but so far has not changed the DPH’s mind. Activists are considering whether to sue the DPH over this issue, whether to seek relief from the State Legislature, or whether the only cure will be full legalization.