Working on organizing the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District Cannabis Club on facebook. If you live in or near the district and will volunteer some time to help, join the club. If you have friends who live in the district urge them to join The Club.

We have 21 scheduled election day events between April 28 and June 5 where we need petitioners and more opportunities to be scheduled!!/groups/352995691418537/events/. E-mail or call me with your questions.Steven S. Epstein, Esq. 978-758-6231.

There are 22 elections already scheduled during the petitioning period that present the excellent opportunity, with adequate numbers of petitioners, to collect thousands of needed signatures at a rate greater than 19 signatures an hour per person. Please let me know by e-mail off list or telephone 978-758-6231 where and when you can help.