“As mentioned, we are officially launching a new listserv for cannabis cultivators in Massachusetts. The list is called MA_Cannabis_Cultivators. To subscribe to the list, send a blank email to ma_cannabis_cultivators-subscribe@lists.riseup.net Make sure the account you send the mail from is the one you want subscribed to the list. You can also just email me and I’ll add you on there.

Here’s a few ideas for how you can use this list:
find others interested in joining/creating a cultivator coop
ask questions about soil blends
find employees
trade seeds or clones
keep up with advocacy and political organizing relevant to growers
upcoming classes and events
Please also share the invite to the listserv with anyone who might be interested!

We urge you all to join as advocates so that this industry is created and regulated in a fair and sensible way.

Here are some resources and ways to get involved:

– Go to a meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission if possible (meetings are listed on the bottom of the page

– write comments to the CCC: CannabisCommission@State.MA.US

– Keep an eye on Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council’s Facebook page for news and announcements, as well as their Patreon page

– Tell your state rep and senator to reinstate cannabis as an agricultural crop. In legalese, this means removing reference to “marijuana” in chapter 40a section 3.

– Stay in touch with local politics. Your town can ban cannabis sales and cultivation, or zone them to the hinterlands if we’re not careful.

Thirsty to keep learning about food, farming, and sustainability? Here’s a few upcoming NOFA events that might peak your interest:

NOFA/Mass Winter Conference
Saturday January 13
Worcester, MA

Seed Sovereignty Field Day
Sunday October 22 | 10am – 4pm
Dartmouth, MA

Dan and the rest of the NOFA/Mass team”