Marijuana legalization video with Keith Stroup (NORML) and Bill Downing & Steven Epstein of MassCann/NORML

Massachusetts Joint Revenue Committee hearing on marijuana legalization, regulation, taxation, and the right to grow your own for personal, non commercial use with Bill Breault speaking what some call reefer madness against the bill with MA State Reps and Senators present.

Steven Epstein’s entire testimony

Jack Cole post hearing

Dr. Lester Grinspoon post hearing

Dick Evans post hearing on State House steps addressing supporters


Dick Evans on bill he filed  and prepared remarks of Richard Evans, Esq.

Boston Herald: “Activists tout pot tax at revenue hearing”

We had an impressive turnout. Our veteran stars and college students! Great job, MassCann/NORML, LEAP, Suffolk Norml, SSDP, NU SSDP, Lester Grinspoon, Keith Stroup, Dick Evans, Steven Epstein, Bill Downing, Jimi D, John Madfis, all who attended!

Additional video to be posted when it happens.

and prepared remarks of Richard Evans, Esq.


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