Review by Danny Danko “Cultivation Editor, High Times Magizine (New York City) – There is no greater written resource for someone interested in growing their own marijuana. From seeds to clones, indoors and out, hydro and soil mix, Jorge has the all the goods to get you through to harvest. The photos are excellent and the print quality of this book is the best I’ve seen. Of special note, check out the nutrient deficiency section; It’s been a life-saver for many people. The detailed photos will help identify specific deficiencies, underfeeding and overfeeding as well as pH problems and pest diagnosis and control.

Jorge is a mentor to all those interested in cannabis cultivation (including myself). His writing is clear and succinct. His photos are amazing. There isn’t a grow book on the market that comes close and that’s why everyone in the business calls Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, “The Grower’s Bible.” The new edition is absolutely comprehensive.

Don’t forget to check out his new grow DVD as well. It makes a great companion to this excellent book.