Steve Epstein’s Letter to Mr. Lyons:

Dear Representative Lyons,

Do you want to save the state, cities and towns millions of dollars each year in lost opportunity costs of apprehending persons who commit crimes against persons and property, while also opening beds in our overcrowded prisons and houses of correction for those who commit crimes against persons and property?

If so you will become sponsors of An Act to regulate and tax the cannabis industry (a copy is attached).

To solve the fiscal crisis requires a return to a strict adherence to the constitution.

Sponsoring H Docket No. 1091 is consistent with such adherence.

As Republicans your co-sponsorship will demonstrate to the voters of Massachusetts that the Republican party in the state is ready, willing and able to recognize that being more libertarian than socially conservative will help improve the party’s fortunes in this state.

I will happily answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you that you are sponsoring the legislation because it will permit limited law enforcement resources to be expended on preventing crimes against persons and property and apprehending and incarcerating perpetrators of such crimes.

Steven S. Epstein, Esq.
Georgetown, MA 01833-0366
978-352-3300 (V)