Saving My Daughter Liberty’s Life from DIPG with Cannabis Oil: Please Help!

tl;dr My 5-year-old daughter Liberty has DIPG, a terminal brain cancer.  I’m a long-time cannabis activist and advocate. I need help locating and obtaining the appropriate cannabis oil on an immediate, emergency basis to extend her life and maybe even save it.  Please help us find it via your professional and personal cannabis networks.  Please “like” and share.  A little girl’s life is on the line.
PLEASE read this.
I am dismayed and overwhelmed by trying to find the appropriate cannabis treatment for Liberty and her Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) diagnosis.  I desperately need your help as well as help from all my colleagues and professional network as well as yours.  Please “like” and share this note so more people see it.
Ultimately, I need help figuring out the correct ratios of cannabis oil, the dosage, dosage schedule, finding it from a reputable (preferably lab-tested) supplier (which is the most important thing), affording it or getting donations of it (the second most important thing), and perhaps getting leaves for juicing.  The most important thing is obtaining a reliable affordable supply.
I need to do this immediately, both because DIPG is fast-moving and aggressive cancer and because she is only getting radiation for seven weeks having already started this morning.  The thing that is definitely true about cannabis (according to reproducible clinical studies) is tt it enhances radiation cytotoxicity while protecting healthy cells — that is, it helps the radiation work against the tumor while decreasing side effects, and it inhibits brain tumor growth while neutralizing cancer processes.

.  Here’s a scientific article and another that tells you more about this and brain cancer.   Here’s more, and even a government acknowledgement].  here</A> is a clincal study on THC and temozolomide, and an article here on existing research.
There’s also been some great promise in cannabis therapy for DIPG itself.

  • Leah Merklin is a child with DIPG and has been treated with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) (, at the top with additional links available) and no traditional treatment like radiation.  She has lived for over two and a half years with a stabilized tumor experiencing zero growth (and her parents pay $50 a week in Oregon for the RSO).
  • An 8-month-old baby with an inoperable glioma tumor had that disappear with cannabis treatment under the direction of Dr. William Courtney.  Although this articlementions CBD oil, I don’t know exactly what oil he used, and have heard that he actually advocates juicing of the fan leaves to activate THCA and CBDA; I would like to know more.
  • Mara Gordon has seen a few DIPG cases and although she hasn’t seen any full remissions, she has seen significantly extended lifespans.  She advocates a 4:1 ratio with 400mg of THC and 100mg of CBD for the initial target, building up to that over a couple of weeks.  That will be about $45-50 a day.  She also suggests juicing a half a gram of raw bud or equivalent oil.  That’s at least $1500 a month.
  • Even the doctor running the clinical trial that Liberty is in talked about the potential of cannabis for DIPG in a webinar.

However, the Wild West nature of the medicinal cannabis industry crosses with both woo and greed, and it has been extremely difficult to find out the correct treatment or anything resembling a reasonable price.  Shortly after diagnosis, we started getting the messages offering us snake oil.  The best lab-tested we’ve found is $55 a gram — and still required someone from California to volunteer to receive the oil and then send it to us.
So, what do I do?  Here are my questions:

  1. Do I use RSO, the above ratios, or something else?
  2. Can anyone donate this oil, or at least provide it at a much lower price?
  3. Any comments on the dosage or the dosage schedule?
  4. What type of juicing should there be, if any?  Can anyone help me get that raw material, or the THCA oil?
  5. Any other information referencing any of the above.

I have spent a significant part of my life helping parents regarding cannabis and family matters like CPS.  Please help me save my own child.  Thank you in advance (Facebook )

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 Sara Arnold (aka Sahra Kant) is an advocate and an activist who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for families. She has given her whole heart in countless hours of unpaid work on behalf of others, all while raising two beautiful, spirited daughters, Liberty and Verity.