The deadline for filing state wide ballot question past on Wednesday.  A proposal for a workable medical cannabis law is not among thirty petitions filed.

The man with the money either believes the legislature is going to do the right thing this session and pass a workable law or he will consume this low lying fruit in the 2011-2012 cycle to insure an easy victory to balance the very possible defeat of their second, or is it their third, effort to get Nevadans to vote for taxation and regulation.

Public records tell us he has retained O’Neill & Associates (yes, the same lobbyists who assisted the opponents of Question 2) and paid Matthew Allen’s expenses before June 30, 2009.   Matt was present at the July 14 hearing for awhile.  Sources tell us Matt acknowledges recieving money to work on medical MJ in Mass. this year, including an issue-specific website featuring patients.  He is supposed to go out & organize a coalition of supporting organizations.