Pertaining to Driving/DUI and Expungement Bills, in the House and Senate


Not only is Gov Baker is seeing problems where none exist and using false analogies to find a solution, but he is also holding hostage our social consumption rights. And Governor Baker’s decision to delay cafes for cannabis DUI protocols actually creates problems.

In spite of there being no problems with traffic, Baker wants protocols for cannabis consumption similar to those of alcohol, to detect DUI. However, in doing so, Baker is proceeding from a false premise; that cannabis is like alcohol. And because his premise is false, the rest of his reasoning is fatally flawed. Cannabis is not like alcohol; cannabis is a medicinal herb and alcohol is a toxin. Alcohol incapacitates humans in a predictable manner, thus the breathalyzer being valid for alcohol.

However, Cannabis helps people in different unpredictable ways, thus there can not be a similar protocol for cannabis. There is no such thing. There will never be such a thing. We do, however, already have reasonable DUI laws and they are quite enough. If a driver is a danger to others, that is enough. We don’t need a medical diagnosis or lab work to validate what is visible on a cop’s camcorder.

In fact, opening cannabis cafes will increase safety. Their patrons will be consuming a medicinal herb, and enjoying its side effects, and not consuming alcohol. Alcohol is the public health enemy, but that is not a popular thing for politicians to say. Gov Baker should face facts and cease and desist holding hostage our rights as consumers.

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There should be no question that all mention of marijuana should be expunged from all

databases without any more equivocation. Prohibition was highly unjust, demonstrably racist, and another corrupt attempt to profit off the misery of “the other.” And it is ongoing to this day. All Law Enforcement should stand down immediately. There is no honor in upholding such efforts to diminish others.

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House Bill (Driving)

Bill H71 – Charles D. Baker – An Act implementing the recommendations of the Special Commission on Operating under the Influence and Impaired Driving This is the Governor’s bill to Implement the Recommendations of the Commission on Impaired Driving – OPPOSEThis bill would mandate license suspension for refusal to take a test that is not scientifically shown to indicate a level of personal impairment to make operation of a motor vehicle or watercraft unsafe; Bill would mandate Drug Recognition Expert testimony as an expert rather than requiring proof in court; Bill would allow a judge to take judicial notice of impairment from evidence of ingestion rather than requiring proof of impairment.


  1. 2109 – An Act establishing a standing commission on operating under the influence and impaired driving –  Harold P. Naughton, Jr. – OPPOSE  – This bill would make permanent the Commission that recommended the above flawed recommendations.

H. 3524 – An Act to further continue the special commission on operating under the influence Hannah Kane – OPPOSE  – See H.2109


 H.3513 – An Act regulating OUI penalties for marijuana – Donald R. Berthaiume, Jr.OPPOSE  – This bill would impose mandatory blood level for per se proof of impairment.

H.3514 – An Act expanding the open container law – Nicholas A. Boldyga – OPPOSE  – This bill would amend the open container law to include cannabis.

H.3517 – An Act to create an open-container law for marijuana – Shawn Dooley – NEUTRAL  – This bill would make a statute out of the open container section of the 2016 initiative with a civil penalty.

H.3119 – An Act relative to accurate impairment testing – David M. Rogers – SUPPORT  – This bill would prevent the suspension of a license or other sanction for failure to take a test that is not scientifically proven to indicate a level personal impairment sufficient to make operation of a motor vehicle unsafe.

H.3540 – An Act relative to marijuana open container laws – Paul F. Tucker – NEUTRAL  – Allows for the use of uniform civil citation forms for violations and provides that such shall not be surchargeable events.


Senate Bill (Driving)

S1439 – An Act establishing a standing commission on operating under the influence and impaired driving – Michael O. Moore – OPPOSE  – See H. 2109




 House Bill (Expungement)


H.3275 – An Act to update expungement – Michael S. Day – SUPPORT  – This bill prohibits the dissemination of information in sealed or expunged records except as otherwise provided in law.

H3375 – An Act relative to expungement of youth criminal records John J. Mahoney – SUPPORT  – Expands the number of violations that would prohibit expungement from 1 to 3.


Senate Bill (Expungement) 


S.1131 – An Act relative to the expungement of convictions for marijuana possession Jason M. Lewis – SUPPORT  – Allows for expungement of any record of possession of MJ and mandates informing the subject of such.