March 22, 2017

Massachusetts State House
Beacon Street, Boston

On March 22, activists from around the state will join forces at the Statehouse to insist that our Representatives and Senators respect the will of the people in the implementation of Chapter 334 (formerly known as Question 4) – The Law to Tax and Regulate Marijuana. We will set up teams of activists who will visit every Representative and Senator and deliver a package of information about the bill Representative Provost sponsored that stakes out our position on how legalization should be implemented in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Every Constituent Visit is crucial to let the legislature know that the Voters are watching and they support Legalization.

If you wish to participate, please click HERE and add your name to the sign up list. Please provide your address with zip code (so we can identify your Representative and Senator) and your email address (so that we can contact you).

There will be a Preparation Meeting on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at High Noon at 976 Main Street, Waltham, MA 2nd Floor (Offices of CBD Please). We will go over talking points, what to expect when you get to the Statehouse, tips on talking to Representatives and their aides, and answer any questions you may have.

On Lobby Day, we will meet at the Café (cafeteria) on the 4th Floor at 10:00 am. Please dress in business attire OR wear your Mass Cann t-shirt.

We will divide into teams, with a seasoned activist leading each group of people. A Map of the Statehouse will be provided, with the Offices clearly marked. We will provide a folder of information to leave at each office, with a nice thank you letter enclosed. Groups will visit the Offices of their own representatives who will be notified ahead of time to expect their constituents. After all the groups have completed their missions, we will meet up on the Grand Staircase for a photo op and head across the street to the King of Pot Bench for a well deserved break, and to honor Mike Malta.

If you wish to call your representatives office and make an appointment to meet with them, by all means do so. Try to get the appointment between 11:30 and 4:00 if possible. If you do not wish to or are shy, we shall notify your representative to expect their constituents. If you do get an appointment, please email the time and representative’s name, along with your information, to and we will arrange your team’s schedule to accommodate it.

The legislature is intent on rewriting the new law, and they need to hear from YOU about whether you approve. Every letter and phone call helps, but a visit is worth 100 phone calls. When a person takes the time to actually visit the State House and speak to their Senator or Representative, that person knows that there are many more who feel the same and they will actually take notice.