The legislature is now drafting changes to Chapter 334, the law passed in November that legalized cannabis. The new law WILL be changed. Join us at the State House to show the legislature that the voters are watching them.
We want Massachusetts farmers to be able to grow the new billion dollar crop (support H3195). We want expanded protections for children (H3195). We want employers to treat people who use cannabis the same as people who use alcohol (H3195). We want expungement of records for people convicted of the now legal act of possession of cannabis (support S. 1062). We want patient’s rights protected (support H2385). And we want local licenses issued to local businesses and minority business owners (H3505).
Join us for the Rally and Press Conference at 11am and then please visit your representatives, who will be at the State House on June 7th. Let them know you care about this issue, and instruct them how to vote on your behalf. We will be providing a handout and instructions. We will assemble earlier around 11am to do sound checks with the press in readiness for the noontime rush. Please do turn out as this may be our last opportunity to influence the bill we will be living under for quite a while.
A preparation meeting will be held on Sunday June 4, at noon, 976 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Waltham, MA.