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Virtually all stories below contain one instance of the words “medical marijuana dispensary”; all subsequent references are to “pot shops.”

March 3, 2014
Donna Goodison
Walsh: Find other sites for pot shops

March 2, 2014
O’Ryan Johnson
No rules bar EBT cards in pot shops… yet

March 1, 2014
John Zaremba
Robert DeLeo wants pot shop review process rewound

February 27, 2014
Matt Stout
John Zaremba
State rep demands answers from DPH on pot-shop licensing

February 24, 2014
John Zaremba
Massport safety official padded pot shop resume

February 21, 2014
Marie Szaniszlo 

John Zaremba
Official: Pot shop applicants who lied will be denied

February 22, 2014
John Zaremba
Pot shops’ reference madness

February 20, 2014
John Zaremba
State backs pot shop vetters

February 21, 2014
Bob McGovern
Walsh: Take 2nd look at pot shop