My name is Josh.  I’m 18.

I have Cystic fibrosis a disease that effects the lungs and digestive system, degenerative arthritis in my neck due to a sports injury, scoliosis that formed after i dislocated my hip four years ago, and I’m also diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders.

With so much BS to deal with I tried marijuana about 2 and a half years ago.  I soon realized how much it helped my stomach which is chronicly in pain, as well as my stress level.  It was my only way to just relax and feel better.  I’ve used it every day for about a year.

Due to my CF I bought a vaporizer.  That is the best money I’ve ever spent.  It helps clean out my lungs  as well as eliminate most of my pain.

There are many days when going to school or work would not have been an option if not for marijuana.

I learned the facts, did my research and with no initial support from any family members I have taught them about Medical Marijuana and now at least a few support me.

It improves quality of life for so many people and we should not have to suffer any longer.  I’ld rather use marijuana than take anti depressants of tranquilizers its organic and so much safer than prescriptions with often negative side effects.