I’ve come to understand that the two issues of mental health and global health are closely linked — if not one and the same. Similar processes we use to improve our mental health can help us make better, more responsible decisions as a society — by focusing on the compassion and integrity of our right brain, rather than the judgment, punishment and deception of our left brain.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, “Stroke of Insight” TED Talk, Huffington Post

In the first place, TED talks are great; You’ve got twenty minutes to say something brilliant and everyone stops and listens. In the second place, this speaker, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, and her original TED talk, about her experience suffering a stroke and the vorld-view of each of her brain hemispheres, are amazing. And, thirdly, she groks the planetary disfunction; that the ethos of punishment over compassion is going to extremes.
Not mentioned in the TED talk above, but continuing the conversation; I’d like to ask, “How did we get so far as a society, that extremes in policing, especially in the Drug War, are justified?” And I posit, “Because the money generated by Prohibition is so overwhelming.” Hemp is the original homesteading plant; one can go off-grid with the oils, fibers, food, medicine, fuel, and happy times. And the our competitors, corporations, know it.
Just to ponder for a bit – must be tough, being a corporation nowadays, and all, what with resource depletion, shattered markets, and a peonage fed up with it all. Tsk, Tsk. Oh, and totally off topic, we will need volunteers to work getting signatures for Public Policy Questions, and working the 24th Boston Freedom Rally (the biggest hempfest east of the Rockies!).