June 1 – Hemp Cook Off 

Can’t wait to see you all at the first MassCann/NORML Hemp Cook Off Competition!

Sponsored by: Northeastern Institute of Cannabis (northeasterninstituteofcannabis.com) The Hempest at Harvard Square (store.hempest.com) Try our sponsor www.HippieButter.com for your ingredients! Big thanks to John Dvorak and the Hemp Curriculum for a great Hemp donation!

This is an official Hemp History Week Event – Hemp History Week 

We are kicking off Hemp History Week in Boston with a selection of foods for the whole family to enjoy! We hope you will be as excited as we are to experiment and learn about all the wonders of hemp!

Sign up to cook under as many categories as you would like!

Price to Enter Competition: $15 + provide 50 samples of your recipe for tasting + judging.

Categories are: Munchie Appetizer Entree Dessert

* Remember all foods must contain a HEMP food product: Hemp Flour Hemp Seed Hemp Oil Hemp Milk Hemp Beer

* All food MUST be accompanied by a list of ingredients *

If you aren’t interested in cooking for the event come as a judge and take a tour of hemp food products!

$20 Entry fee will get you 1 vote! $1 per vote after that!

Vote as much as you want!! All donations go to MassCann!!

Under 12 years old, no charge!

NOTICE: These foods CANNOT be activated with marijuana! ANY activated foods will be removed and disqualified.

Winner will receive a 1 pound bag of hemp flour, a 114 year old book about the hemp industry in Kentucky, a gift card to The Hempest and a Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer!!

Tix Here >> https://in-43052.ticketbud.com/-hemp-cook-off-competition

If you prefer to pay cash you can get tickets from any Director or at the Hempest in Harvard Square from Emily E.

There will be a cash bar also!!

Try our sponsor www.HippieButter.com for your ingredients!

See you all there! For more information, to become a sponsor, or sign up to enter please contact cncrabbburnham@gmail.com