Fox News 25 recently finished a weeklong series of special features devoted to medical marijuana and Question 3, the question on the Massachusetts ballot that would legalize it. You can watch some of the segments at the following locations:

A general story about Question 3 and arguments being made on both sides:

A debate between proponents of both sides:

To its credit, Fox 25 did bring on an expert witness for the pro side, as well as a supposed expert for the con side. It’s notable, though, that the expert witness in favor was a medical specialist, while the “expert” against the measure was a cop with no particular medical knowledge at all. Was Fox 25 conceding that it would be hard to find a medical expert to say that marijuana had no medical uses and people should be arrested for even trying it?

Here’s Peter Hayashi, former Harvard faculty member and neuropsychologist for the Boston Bruins:

Here’s John Carmichael, deputy chief of the Walpole police: