The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has posted new regulations beginning June 29th, 2015 for non-profit organizations applying for a Certificate of Registration to open a Registered Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts. Rounding the corner of the three year mark, this is another small step forward in giving patients safe access they have been waiting too long for. With these new regulations patients hope to see a more efficient process in getting dispensaries up and running with clean, regulated, and safe medicine.

Among the changes of instruction are the Guidance Regarding Non-Profit Compliance and Guidance Regarding Background Checks. The focal points of the new application process are:

Accepting Applications will not require a deadline to send in, but are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

The Department will be responsible for contacting the applicant if changes to the applications materials submitted are needed.

Department staff are available to provide technical support to applicants.

Applications will be reviewed for compliance with Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012, An Act for the Humanitarian  Medical Use of Marijuana (the “Act”), and the Department of Public Health regulations at 105 CMR 725.000 (“Regulations”).

Applicants must give a letter of support/non-opposition from the municipality where they plan to establish their  Registered Marijuana Dispensary.

Background checks will be handled by outside vendors in compliance with the Guidance for Background Checks.

The Registered Marijuana Dispensary may remove an individual associated with them from the application  if deemed “unsuitable” and submit a different person for the same job during the application process.

All affairs must be settled before a proposed Registered Marijuana Dispensary receives a Provisional Certificate of  Registration and starts the Inspection Phase.


Further Details about the process or forms can be located on the Applications Instructions and Forms webpage. The Medical Use of Marijuana Program can be reached by phone (617)-660-5370 or email RMDapplication@State.MA.US.