Getting a Cultivation Registration and want patients to know you can grow, but don’t want the world to know you’re growing? The answer is the MASS GRASS Care Givers’ Confidential Referral Service. Every couple of months MASS CANN/NORML publishes MASS GRASS, our members’ newsletter. There is now a feature in MASS GRASS where patients who need medicinal cannabis and caregivers and treatment center operators can contact each other in a confidential manner. For $15 we will list your handle, a description of your service and give out your email only to those who say they are Card Holders.

UPDATE: Because the Department of Public Health has published regulations in late May of 20134 restricting each caregiver to taking care of only one patient, MassCann can no longer legally run the caregiver referral service as we were doing before the regulations were published. We hope to bring suit against the DPH over this matter, but in the meantime our hands are tied.