by Jeffrey Hayes
     Donald Trump was elected because enough people felt the government was completely unresponsive to them.  And now we are about to get a government which the rest of us fear will be equally unresponsive.
I’ve never been a terrified citizen before, but after this election I am, and I am deeply concerned that my freedoms and liberties are about to be assaulted in wholesale fashion.  Question 4 is a set of Rights which We The People have granted ourselves after lively and spirited public debate in the best fashion of democracy.  Already, those officials tasked with implementing this bill are on record discussing ways to weaken the bill by removing key provisions such as the right to home cultivation.  In this new political environment, I am in no mood to begin surrendering my Liberties, especially ones that I just acquired.
I’ve never been an angry voter, either, but after this election I certainly feel like one.  Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty, and now I am watching my elected officials VERY carefully. I am aware that the majority of them opposed Question 4, including those now responsible for implementing the measure.  I disagreed, but I accepted their points of view as principled positions taken by fine, dedicated public servants in the midst of an election.  However, there will be no forgiveness WHATSOEVER towards any elected official that I perceive to be threatening my rights as a citizen, and I intend to be very vocal and active when I see that happening.
The State of Massachusetts has before it a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that it hears and respects the Voice Of The People, and is fully responsive to Our Will:  Implement Question 4 exactly as we voted on it.  No delays.  No changes.
– Jeffrey Hayes