We are in the final week to be heard! The legislation has put together a committee that will decide on a final bill consisting of Senator JehlenSenator BrownsbergerSenator RossRepresentative CusackRepresentative Kane, and Representative Mariano.

Tell your legislators that they need to respect the will of the voters and kill House Bill H3776 as amended!

The House bill creates a New Law Enforcement agency with powers of arrest, and forfeiture just for cannabis licensees and consumers. It repeals both voter laws outright and states ALL violations of rules can, at discretion of CCC, become CRIMES in 2020.

The Senate amendment is much closer to what the voters of Massachusetts supported in Question 4! Express your support of S2097 as it retains the 12% tax rate and local control in voters hands, and allows dispensaries to fast track licenses for recreational sales. This bill has no new law enforcement and repeals neither medical law nor recreational law. It specifically states that all rule violations are civil only with max fine at $100. Selling to a minor is a crime with jail and heavy fine.

Both bills allow farmers to grow, but the Senate bill repeals zoning.

Both create cooperative marijuana farms (meaning 2-10 people, at least one owning land) can create a ‘craft’ cultivation indoor or outside with one license to grow, brand their production (label it ‘craft made’), and sell wholesale.

Kill H3776 and support S2097!