Among thousands of marijuana smokers at the Boston Freedom Rally in September, one unnamed Boston University student had his drug paraphernalia confiscated by a Boston Common park ranger, despite not having traces of marijuana in it.

“There were other people around smoking out of pipes,” the College of Arts and Sciences sophomore, who requested to remain annonymous, said. “But the ranger just came up to our group took it without saying anything and left. We were shocked and annoyed.”

Under the Mass. Controlled Substance Act, it is illegal to sell, or intend to sell, drug paraphernalia. However, it is legal to own drug paraphernalia.

“Possession of drug paraphernalia is not a crime in Mass.,” said Steven Epstein, founder of The Mass. Cannabis Reform Coalition in a phone interview. MassCann is a pro-marijuana association that advocates for the legalization of the drug.

“However, it is a forfeitable item,” Epstein said, referring to drug paraphernalia. “The police have a right to seize it.”

BUSTED: Bay state drug paraphernalia laws cause confusion for students, shop owners
Daily Free Press (BU) , October 5, 2011