7News/Suffolk University poll confirms overwhelming support for medicinal marijuana in Massachusetts


In what is no surprise to MassCann the Suffolk University 7News/ poll released Wednesday evening found 81% of Bay State residents support medicinal cannabis.


In an OpEd published September 13 in the Metrowest Daily News, MassCann’s Keith Saunders and Steven Epstein noted:


MassCann members placed public policy questions on district ballots beginning in 2000 to measure public support for allowing seriously ill patients with a doctor’s recommendation to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana for their personal medical use. That support is well over 70 percent. Nine of our state’s 10 representatives in Congress recognize this. They regularly vote yes on amendments to the Justice Department budget prohibiting the DEA from raiding dispensaries, caregivers and patients in compliance with their state’s law. The lone holdout is Rep. Stephen Lynch. Prominent opponent of Question 2, Attorney General Martha Coakley, approved the concept during her monthly appearance on the Braude and Eagan Show on WTKK FM 96.9 in June.


So when will our legislature surprise us and do the right thing?