The people of Massachusetts have spoken. Question 4, which legalized recreational cannabis, passed with 54%. Unfortunately, the Massachusetts legislature has decided they would like to control recreational cannabis instead of implementing the will of 1.8 million voters and adjusting as necessary. This fear based, reactive action is regressive and hurts the momentum of an industry that will bring jobs, tax revenue at a percent that will compete and take out the black market, and stop making good people criminals for using a plant.

It is something that has been underground for so long, but people are speaking out about it’s healing potential.

Cannabis prohibition has harmed us as individuals and as a community. It is time to take a stand. If you would like to express how cannabis prohibition has harmed you and the impact it had or has on your life please write your story to to go to our legislature for testimony at upcoming hearings (criminal records holding you back from jobs or school, police raids, etc.) They have put together the Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy and chairing this committee is Senator Patricia D. Jehlen. Sharing your story with your representatives will help us move forward again from making patients and recreational cannabis users criminals towards the participating members of society we have always been and help fix society as a whole. Colorado has made billions in tax revenue that has gone back to education, construction, and health programs. It is time we tell the legislature why this interfering needs to end. Our representatives need to do their jobs to implement the will of the people. We can help educate them through our stories of the prohibition consequences on our pursuit of happiness.

Bills filed concerning the term “marijuana”


Bills filed concerning the term “cannabis”