This is our 30th year for the Boston Freedom Rally held annually on the Boston Common the third weekend in September!

When: Saturday, September 21st, 2019 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts

Why: to provide cannabis education and practice civil disobedience

How to safely enjoy the Boston Freedom Rally | Know the Laws in Massachusetts

The Education Village:

MassCann/NORML Cannabis Education Village is our traveling education roadshow featuring historical pictures, the history of cannabis, hemp, prohibition, and how cannabis can save the planet. Vendors are in this area as well as panels and speakers throughout the day.

The 21-plus area:

The 21 plus area is for anyone with a cannabis business who is concerned about advertising cannabis product brands as the BFR does not have an age restriction. This ensures new cannabis businesses are in an area that the audience is at least 85% 21 and over. Vending is allowed in this area as well (minus cannabis products/THC sales). *Bring your ID’s if you want to check this area out, you must be 21 and over*