The following observations are from Bill Downing:

Rain from 8:00 to 8:45. Torrential for about 10 minutes. Turned some of my paperwork into muck.

5-6 people passed out, one twisted ankle

At least 2 arrests for distribution and many citations (reportedly)

Police said we had a heroin overdose, but EMTs told me it was on West St. (not at our event).

One of our two pop-up tents, one of Matt’s roving sales trays/backpack, 3 rental tables and 2 chairs so far unaccounted for

Both stages just over an hour late start, both made up the time b4 6:00.

Second stage run entirely by Unregular Radio. No security, no MC/N organizer or stage assistant.

Tables, chairs, fencing, bike rack all finally arrived at 11:00 – way, way too late.

Backstage was MUCH better. Catering was fabo. I heard nothing of water shortages.

We did not use and no longer need snow fence. 80 bike racks seem to be the right amount.

Lines for toilets seemed reasonable.

Food vendors noticed a large increase in sales just after 4:20, big lines for fried food and sweets

Grounds were trashed at 6:00, but looked very clean by 9:00.

No complaints from Rangers, police, EMTs or vendors.

From MassCann president Matt Sonnichsen:

I want to thank everyone who had any part of making the rally a success. From the people who set up in the
rain, to the people who helped us tear down in the dark and everyone who helped in between, and an especially big thank you goes out to the people who helped in the
dirty disgusting job of picking up trash afterward, after almost everyone else had left I saw a few people with trash bags still working to pick the place up (YOU ROCK!).
I can’t think of to much more to say other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the twenty-third rally one of the best ever.