Award Winners:

Music Act of The Year:
Graveyard BBQ

Smoking Music of The Year:
Gutter Heads

Media of The Year:
High Times Magazine

Local Podcast of the Year:
Jay Talkin’ (Bradley Jay: WBZ)

National Podcast of the Year:
NORML Audiostash

Radio Station of the Year:

MassCann/NORML Fundraiser of the Year:
Joe Infantino (New England Concerts)

MassCann/NORML Lifetime Achievement Award:

SAM BLACK CHURCH joins a list of seven other honorees (below) who have been presented with the MassCann/NORML Lifetime Achievement Award.

MassCann/NORML Lifetime Achievement:
TREE (2007), BILL DOWNING (2007), STEVEN EPSTEIN (2007), JOE BONNI (2007), RICK CUSICK (2007), STEVE HAGER (2007), KEITH STROUP (2007) and SAM BLACK CHURCH (2008).