The war on drugs is really a war on people. It is hard to imagine an issue that has caused so much damage to so many people on so many fronts. Thankfully momentum is building in the this country and abroad toward a more rational drug policy based on science, compassion, health and human rights.

Just as no builder would ever continue construction on faulty foundations and then expect the building to be sound, or as no cook would ever use rotten ingredients when preparing a meal and then expect the diners to be healthy, no one should be surprised to see the disaster unfolding (listed here in 10 different categories), considering the rotten motives behind the Prohibition laws. Greed motivated William Randolph Hearst and Du Pont to put a tax on the competitors’ goods (hemp) and Hearst’s newspapers ran the yellow journalism media campaign so titillating that it scared voters for the next 80 years. Finally, after the damage has become so horrifying, some event horizon has been crossed, and we can say out loud, “Repeal Prohibition.”
Connecting the Dots: 10 Disastrous Consequences of the Drug War, by Tony Newman, from The Huffington Post