MassCann Virtual Education Village


Welcome to the Virtual Education Village library. Below, you will find a compendium of video resources created by MassCann and the local cannabis community. This collective effort reflects the amalgamated knowledge of over four years of discussion, research, and camaraderie. MassCann is honored to present this to the public in an accessible format.

Virtual Education Village, Panel #6: With Bill Downing and Bill Flynn of MassCann

MassCann Virtual Education Village, Panel #6; Grant Smith-Ellis Hosts a Discussion with Bill Downing and Bill Flynn of MassCann. Join us for our 6th panel discussion featuring host, Grant Smith-Ellis, interviewing the current MassCann President, Bill Flynn, alongside former President, Bill Downing. The discussion provides an in-depth retrospective on the history of MassCann, how the two Bills found their way into the world of cannabis activism and what comes next for grassroots cannabis policy going forward.

Virtual Education Village #5 Pearson Kennedy-Crosby with Best Budz Radio

Virtual Education Village Panel 5:
Pearson Kennedy-Crosby Hosts a Discussion with Ben Farleigh and Payton McCann from Best Budz Radio. Home grows, igloos and polar bears; the state of cannabis in Alaska with host, Pearson Kennedy-Crosby featuring guests Ben Farleigh and Payton McCann from Best Budz Radio. Tune in for tips for the home grower, how to make the most of your igloo home grow/igloo cultivations, and 3-phase electric for stoners.

Virtual Education Village Panel #4: Veteran’s Panel April 22nd 2020

Ellen Brown hosts the first of a recurring Veterans’ Panel, April 22nd at noon on Facebook Live and every 22nd of the month hereafter.

Participating are Michael Goodenough, Nique Pichette, Stephen Mandile with Dennis Peron of blessed memory, and Pearson R. Kennedy-Crosby.

Virtual Education Village Panel #2: An Afternoon with Rick Naya, The Great-Grandfather of Hybrid Cannabis

Moderated by Grant Smith-Ellis

This unique one-on-one panel features an in-depth discussion with the legendary Rick Naya. From Rick’s early life in Florida to his time on the ground in New Hampshire fighting for cannabis rights, Rick’s extraordinary story comes through in every moment of his passionate presentation. Viewers will also get to learn about Rick’s storied growing techniques and strains, including the famous Gainsville Green.

Virtual Education Village Panel #1: Challenges Facing Small Cannabis Businesses in the Time of COVID-19

Moderated by Grant Smith-Ellis

Participants are Ed Desousa (River Run Gardens), Mike Brais (Deep Roots), Peter Bernard (MassSense), Andrew Mutty (BeanTown GreenTown), and Ellen Brown (Sinsemilla Seminars).

This panel focused on a discussion surrounding the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic on local cannabis businesses in Massachusetts. Three business owners along side local activists and advocates provide their perspective and proposals to assist the industry going forward.