Sponsor the Cannabis Education Village at the Boston Freedom Rally

Sponsor the 30th Boston Freedom Rally!

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Historically, the Freedom Rally has been a target for the powerful, elected and otherwise, who disagree with its core mission of advocating for sensible policies relating to the Cannabis plant. Those that disagree with the Rally’s message have tried to prevent it from taking place on many occasions.

As times and opinions have evolved, so have the tactics employed to try to stop the Rally. Where once the powerful would demand that the Rally be stopped because it invited breaking the law, now the focus has shifted to the impact of the event on the Boston Common and its neighbors. Here’s the thing: we agree with them. MassCann wants this event to become a model for minimizing the impact of large events on the natural resources in the Common. 

Join us on September 21st to experience Massachusetts cannabis culture and learn all about the history of cannabis, how prohibition changed the course of civilization, and how cannabis can help us now in the Education Village.

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