All the bands that ever played the Rally


MAIN STAGE:  Brunt of It , Casey Desmond, The Force, Mighty Mystic, Farren Butcher Inc, The 360’s, DJ Slim, Myster DL, Termanology, Prospect Hill, TreeSTING RAY STAGE: Thunder Brothers,  Hy-Town Records, Starving Artist Entertainment, Moufy, Manifest, Solo Sexx, Matalon,  Joint Damage, Rob Potylo, Mighty Tiny, Planetoid

Main Stage:
Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket, SuperPower, Casey Desmond, The Force, DJ Slim, Termanology, Tracy Bonham, Age Against the Machine, Planetoid, Myster DL and Onyx

Stingray Body Art Stage:
Gaura Vani, Hektik, The Dunnas, Asa Brebner, ill e. gal, Amber Ladd, Rob Potylo, Bigg Nez, FOCUST, Matalon, Prospect Hill

Termanology, Graveyard BBQ, Prospect Hill, Thunder Brothers, DJ Slim, The Force, The Organ Beats, Neurological Damage, Matalon, The Luxury, Big Show, Keep Me Conscious (First Year of Two Stages)
Northern Pike, DJ Slim, Fear Nuttin Band, Herbal Nation, Thunder Brothers, The Andwutz, Prospect Hill, Graveyard BBQ
Singuya Three Day Threshold Township Superpower Primary Others
Graveyard BBQ Roadsteamer Ben Scales Darkbuster
Stilfro Haloburn Casey Desmond Graveyard BBQ Primary Others
Superpower Robby Roadsteamer The Campaign for Real Time Darkbuster
Waltham The Fools Robby Roadsteamer Beyond the Embrace Three Day Threshold Reverend Glasseye Herbal Nation Andrea Gillis D-Tension Is It Jazz
2004 (Rained Out)
Entrain RobbyRoadsteamer ColonyUnderground TheHalogens AudibleMainframe
The Foundation Is ItJazz Jake Brennan and The Confidence Men Three Day Threshold
DresdenDolls Stratejacket Drinkfist We Sold OurSoul ScratchTrack Waltham
The Foundation Scissorfight Spookie DalyPride Herbal Nation
The Gentlemen Felix Brown Three Day Threshold Xavier Rainshine Bonescrew Joint Chiefs
Bleu Shirley Lewis Akrobatik Bentmen C60 &SBC (shared gear) Tree Scissorfight Cannabis Cup Band
The Jim Kweskin Band Jiggle Lil’ Wolf and the Mojos featuring Shirley Lewis Darkbuster Mr. Lif Akrobatik Scissorfight Tree
The Sheila Devine Ron Levy and his WildKingdom Babaloo Tree SamBlackChurch Lil’ Wolf & the Mojosfeaturing Shirley Lewis The Cannabis CupBand John Brown’s Body
MaxCreek The Bentmen SamBlackChurch The Amazing Royal Crowns Lil’ Wolf & The Mojos featuringShirley Lewis Dion Knibbs & theAgitators The Ghost of Tony Gold
Clutch Tree The Bentmen Ethipian Dread Roots Wayne Kramer
Letters to Cleo Bim Scala Bim Gaia Roots Rhythm Jim’s Big Ego Chronic Pleasure SamBlackChurch The Bentmen
Letters to Cleo SamBlackChurch Jasper and the Prodigal Sons TREE The 360s
The 360s Letters to Cleo Stompbox SamBlackChurch David Peel Orangutang
The Storm Dogs UYA Flesh Flower Carnal Carnival