The 25th Anniversary Boston Freedom Rally


The Boston Freedom Rally is celebrating its 25th year running this year with a 2 day rally.  Saturday and Sunday September 13+14th on the Boston Common from High Noon to 8pm!! Music * Education * Activism * Food * Friends * Fun

The Boston Freedom Rally is celebrating its 25th year running with a 2 day rally.
Saturday and Sunday September 13+14th on the Boston Common from High Noon to 8pm!!
Music * Education * Activism * Food * Friends * Fun



Can you smell that?

MassCann/NORML is delighted to inform you that the twenty-fifth annual Boston Freedom Rally will be held on the Boston Common September 13th and 14th, 2014!!

Festivities begin promptly at High Noon and ending at 8:00pm.

We will be celebrating 25 years of NORMLizing Massachusetts with two non-stop days, two stages, and a great line up of bands and speakers for entertainment and education.

The Rally draws thousands in support of marijuana regulation every year, our population is strong, we have strength in numbers, we must make them count as we draw closer to legalization in 2016!!

Please help us reform the unjust marijuana laws in Massachusetts by putting some freedom into to the air!!

Welcome to Mass Cann/NORML’s 25th year of battling against the Evil Prohibition Empire! Fear not, for we can sense their imminent doom, as freedom is in the air.

We have gathered for a quarter of a century to protest prohibition and to gather support for legislation for its repeal. We passed Decrim in 2008, so you can possess under an ounce but where can you buy? We passed Medical in 2012, a law meant to be the Geneva Conventions in the War on Drugs, such that if you were wounded, injured, or sick, the war was over for you, for those who cared for you, and for the place at which you were cared for. Unfortunately, the Department of Public Health has no compassion and has strangled the law with unworkable, crony-ridden regulations. Full legalization will come sooner than any relief from DPH.

So once again, we band together to pass a more perfect law in 2016, one with the least restrictions possible, because nothing about cannabis warrants restrictions of any kind. Nothing. Not pettifogging bureaucracy, not violent SWAT invasions, not soul-destroying incarcerations. None of this is justified. Cannabis has been a healing herb for all of humankind’s existence. This Era of Prohibition is an aberration. Of course, we have to face reality and make some restrictions, such as no sales to unsupervised minors.

Here at MassCann, our efforts involve both education and voter registration in support of our PPQs in this off-year 2014. See more in this issue of Mass Grass on those efforts, because, after all, this is still a voting matter.

Just a comment here about the City of Boston’s smoking ban in all of the city parks; if a (figure of authority) asks you to extinguish a smoking thing, do so with good cheer as you can always relight in some other time or place. If you refuse to extinguish, you will be fined $250. Better than jail time, but why waste your money?

Also, we love our Park Rangers. They respect our first amendment rights and are happy to extend hospitality to us as we visit the Common, the Athens of America, the first park to respect freedom of speech. The Park Rangers are quite distinct from the City of Boston police, who will have undercover types trying to entrap the innocent into selling them weed. Do not sell anyone weed. Thank you.

So let’s celebrate cannabis, let’s saturate our endogenous cannabinoid receptors and return to homeostasis, let’s protest prohibition, and let’s leave a spanking clean Common. That would be a gesture worthy of the cause.

Kathryn Rifkin, MASSCANN/NORML Board of Directors, Clerk


Our mission this year was to put Freedom in the air and saturate the media to share how special The Boston Freedom Rally is.

Thanks to our Masscann Media team and great help from the likes of WEMF Radio, Mike Cann, and WAAF, we are on our way to gaining the momentum we need to legalize in 2016!

25th Anniversary Boston Freedom Rally HIGHlights – Set Up (Sean Typhon Videos)

Joe Sambo & The Goonz “We The People” (JENuineVision)

Watch MORE of our favorite moments from The Boston Freedom Rally at our Youtube page.


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