Averyl Andrade

While being a farmer by day, Averyl has worked tirelessly with her community for more than 25 years advocating for housing insecurities, food insecurities, our disenfranchised community, farmers, and cannabis reform.

Holding her degree in Sustainable Agriculture, Averyl has been awarded and nominated for several awards in activism, established a town committee to overturn a prohibition bylaw, and stands with her community to demand a fair and Equitable cannabis industry.

David Rabinovitz

David Rabinovitz is our treasurer. David has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2010. He provides consulting services to entrepreneurs entering the industry and is the CEO of NewCann Group/CannaVenture Labs, a prospective marijuana retailer. His marijuana thought leadership is published in a variety of media outlets. David serves on various committees including the Boston Freedom Rally committee. He brings his 30+ years of finance experience to bear as our treasurer. 

Lorna McCafferty

Lorna has been involved with cannabis for 50 years. Cannabis is an excellent therapy for her lifelong pain from a Junior High gym class accident and a congenital problem with her spine that has resulted in 45+ surgeries including seven spinal fusions.

High dosages of opioids led Lorna to a zombie-like existence. Lorna was over-prescribed opioids in the past and has discontinued their use except for post-surgical pain. Cannabis has enabled her to live life relatively pain-free without being in an opioid fog. Lorna has been a member of MassCann since 2018 and a director and the Clerk since May 2019. She is the Tech Committee Chairperson and she is active on a variety of MassCann committees. Lorna also volunteers for Shrewsbury Media Connection, Shrewsbury’s Public Access TV producing its Senior News, Newsmakers with Matt LaBarre, and her own show, CannaCorner.

Jen Nifer
Press Secretary

Jen Nifer is a proud mommy of two, the founder of MassCannabis Community (a long time running cannabis community), a mother, a cannabis activist, a cannabis chef, and a specialized home care provider for the past 15 years for those who are developmentally challenged. Jen is educated in marketing and business. 

Jen has been involved with the cannabis industry for the past eight years and has provided everything from Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas for those in the cannabis community, to helping to start large donation drives, to helping bridge the gap between the community and the industry. She has provided simple cannabis direction to those who are in need. 

Jen strongly believes in ending the stigma that surrounds this healing plant and values her beliefs in patients over profits. She is a fun-loving spitfire willing to go the lengths it takes to end the stigma.

Lisa Napert
Member Liaison

Lisa Napert, also known as the 420 Holistic Nurse, is a traveling Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with specialties in Wound Care, Ventilator & Respiratory, IV, Brain & Spinal Injury, Dementia, and performs intakes for establishing home care. Lisa received her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Diman Regional Vocational Technical Institute School of Practical Nursing.

Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2016, Lisa began her educational journey in medical cannabis, ultimately leading to her 2019 acceptance as a cannabis nurse with the American Cannabis Nursing Association. Despite being a long-time recreational cannabis consumer, her journey led her to understand there was much more to this plant. Lisa is an advocate and educator in the cannabis community, which led her to join the MassCann Board.

Lisa resides in Westport with her husband Kevin and their pet rescues; two cats and one parrot. She enjoys gardening, canning, grounding, spending time with family & friends, playing corn hole, listening to music, playing guitar, photography, and supporting her cannabis community.

Jennifer Gaskin

Jennifer Gaskin is a seasoned operations and compliance professional with more than 15 years of experience in the highly regulated biotech industry. She is the Co-Founder and President of Empress and Bandit Greenery, founded with her eldest son, Louis N. Denis III. E & B Greenery has set out to become the premium cannabis cultivator locally and eventually nationally focused on consistent quality cannabis products cultivated using nature's power. EBG is also focused on social responsibility, education, and empowerment in the cannabis industry. EBG was also the organizing sponsor of Decipher Cannabis 2020 taking place in Worcester, MA on May 30, 2020. 

Kathryn Rifkin
Ed Village

First started smoking weed while demonstrating against the Vietnam War, and left the country when Richard Nixon was re-elected, hitchhiking the Hippy Trail down the Pan-American Highway. She left the cannabis community to raise a family and earn a living, acting like a model citizen until being laid off in the economic crash of 2008. No longer facing pee tests, and seeing ballooning Pharma prices, Kathryn started growing her own meds and advocating for the repeal of Prohibition. She will be happy to retire soon, sit under her fig tree and grapevine, and smoke unafraid.

Chandra Batra

Chandra Batra is from Cambridge MA, USA, and she is a Black female, a Queer medical cannabis patient, and a disability rights advocate. She is a long-term survivor of fibromyalgia, asthma, autism, and CFS/ME. She was born disabled and has spent her life fighting for cannabis freedom.

She finds inspiration in helping marginalized people find a voice, medical choice, and a place in cannabis. Medicine and community are healing. She has found that to be true as an individual and as a member and a Board Member to MassCann.she believes in creating change and changing lives. She has seen the power of cannabis to do both. She believes that all people have the right to heal. She specializes in facilitation, education, and lobbying for system change. She enjoys working with the marginalized, homeless, and others society sees as voiceless. These people, her people, represent the promise of cannabis as a tool for societal change and resistance. 

This plant still holds the key to this planet’s future and so do all of the people it touches. Her activism grew out of deep need and self-preservation. She first learned about the healing power of cannabis when her first spiritual teacher got sick from AIDS in the 1980s. Cannabis was one of the last foods he could eat. She also learned as a teenager with a pain disorder that she could use cannabis to control her pain better than any of the pain pills she was offered at 19 for my fibromyalgia. As an ex-junkie, it scared her that doctors would offer patients pain pills instead of cannabis and it still upsets her to think of how many people have needlessly died. One of those people was an ex-girlfriend of hers. 

In closing, Chandra still believes that with compassion, community, and family, cannabis can and will take its rightful place .in the world if we keep fighting for what’s right both collectively and individually every day.

Sean Patten