MassCann’s Virtual Education Village, Panel #20; Demystifying the Complexity of the Cannabinoid.

Lorna McCafferty (Clerk, MassCann) hosts a discussion with Michael Goodenough from SweetHeal in a panel titled Demystifying the Complexity of the Cannabinoid. Michael will discuss CBG, CBM, CBC, hemp cultivation and delta 8 and this should prove edifying for all!

Michael Goodenough is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of D&G Agtek, an Agriculture and Technology Company for the past 5 years. D&G Agtek is a founding member of the North East Sustainable Hemp Association. Mike and his partners are passionate about scientific based research efforts in the Hemp processing industry and have partnered with local universities studying extraction techniques and efficiencies for several years.

Michael has been an advocate of the hemp agricultural industry in Connecticut. His company, D&G Agtek specializes in hemp and CBD from soil to oil. Through his love of technology and agriculture he has built a team and company around three integral parts of the emerging east coast hempire. First from the soil, Mike and his team have not only built the first USDA approved greenhouse dedicated to hemp in CT and control several grows across the state, but have also helped numerous farmers break into the hemp growing industry by providing certified seed, seedlings and consulting services. Next, with his extraction team he has led the way in capturing real time data that will benefit the CBD extraction community and the CT pilot program. By using food grade alcohol as the extraction solvent Mike and his team have eliminated the risk of potential toxic residues left behind by other solvents. By using cold extraction, rotary evaporation, and wiped film distillation techniques, they are able to separate terpenes from cannabinoids and CBD from THC to blend a full spectrum distillate of the highest quality. Rounding out his company’s three-pronged business model he has applied his extensive background in business to creating his company’s brand, Sweet Heal. Sweet Heal delivers premium quality CBD topical and edible products directly to consumers through the website and appearances and sponsorships of multiple events across New England.

Michael’s commitment and dedication also extends to his philanthropic work. For more than 20 years, Michael has served on the board of directors for numerous local charities and small businesses. He has created several non-profit organizations, which helped thousands by supporting victims of HIV/AIDs, sheltering the homeless, supplying food pantries, providing assistance to veterans, support for abused women and children, and supporting several youth organizations. Michael is a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran, who brings the same pride and work ethic he displayed in the Armed Services to everything he does for his customers, company and community. Despite all his accomplishments, Michael is most proud of his family and wife of 18 years, with whom he enjoys spending his free time.